Wanton noodle




Wanton noodle



Ingredients needed:



Bring 300ml water and half chicken cube to boil, add in wanton and choysum, cook for 1 minute.

Set aside



Cook wanton noodle in hot water until al-dente



Serve hot with braised chicken feet. Please refer to my recipe for braised chicken feet


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  • 1. Bring water and chicken cube to boil, cook choysum and wantons for 1 minute. Set aside
  • 2. Blanch noodles in hot water cook until al-dente
  • 3. Mix cooked noodles into sauce mixture. Serve with charsiew, wantons, choysum and braised chicken feet.
  • 4. * optional : Garnish soup with fried shallots or spring onion.

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