Seafood fried rice


Seafood fried rice

Many thought that fried rice requires cooked rice to be kept overnight in fridge prior to cooking, which, is quite a myth I assure you.

Simply reduce the amount of water in the rice cooker by 1/4 before cooking will do the trick. This will result in that same firm texture, essential criteria in whipping up an excellent fried rice dish!

Adios to the olden days principle!


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  • 1. Heat wok with oil over high heat. Stir fry scallop and silver fish for 30 seconds, then add dried mini shrimps and continue fry till crisp.
  • 2. Place in chinese sausage, let fry for 30 seconds. Add prawns, fish cake and squid into wok and continue to stir fry for another 1 minute.
  • 3. Put in white rice and mix well.
  • 4. Make some space in the centre of wok, pour in sesame oil, and white pepper in the centre then add eggs. Scramble the eggs.
  • 5. Mix eggs with the rest ingredient inside wok, stir well then add salt and oyster sauce to taste.
  • 6. Serve hot.

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