Premium (first draw) soy sauce chicken wings



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  • 1. Marinade chicken with sauce mixture for 15 minutes.
  • 2. Place in garlic cloves, mushroom and spring onion, continue to stir fry for another 1 minute or until garlics are lightly browned.
  • 3. Add in marinated chicken along with it's sauces, turn heat to low, sear for 30 seconds. Pour in water. Turn heat to high and bring to boil.
  • 4. Turn heat back to low, cover pot and simmer for 30 minutes. change sides of chicken every 15 minutes to make sure even flavors and colors absorbed.
  • 5. *optional step : After 30 minutes simmering, with cover still on, turn off heat and let chicken soak inside pot with gravy for another hour before serving. This will allow chicken meat to absorb more flavors of the premium soy sauce.
  • 6. Serve hot.

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