Claypot Ginger Wine Chicken


Claypot ginger wine chicken. A delicious food for confinement and Traditional remedy to warm up body. Old ginger and chinese wine are the main highlight in this dish.

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  • 1. Mix Oyster,light and dark soy together in a bowl and set aside
  • 2. Heat sesame oil in wok with high heat,
  • 3. Toss in Julienned old ginger and immediately turn to medium heat. Stir ginger during the crisp up process. This will take around 3 to 4 minutes until ginger is browned. Scoop out and set aside.
  • 4. Add in some sesame oil, and place in sliced old ginger into wok to brown. Turning the ginger to make sure both side is perfectly light browned
  • 5. Add in chicken pieces and let it cook for at least 4 minutes or until lightly charred / half cooked. At this point, DO NOT stir the chicken, just leave it there to charr lightly, occasionally turn the meat to ensure the other sides cooking too. You will see the chicken skin has beautifully browned. This step is crucial for chicken meat to absorb the flavor of ginger and sesame oil, at same time locking the juice inside meat. it's definitely the step which makes your dish distinct.
  • 6. When chicken is half cooked, pour in sauce mixture. Stir to blend sauce into chicken pieces. Let simmer for 1 minute before adding in 3 tablespoon of water. Continue to simmer with low to medium heat for 15 minutes. Check interval to make sure sauce didn't dries out. Add in another tablespoon of water only if needed.
  • 7. Lastly, add in xiaoshing wine and simmer for 2 minutes. Turn off heat, sprinkle crispy julienned ginger on top and serve hot.
  • 8. Tip: *may either use claypot or wok to cook this dish *be moderate in using oil for this dish as fats from chicken will be brought out during cooking.

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