Braised firm bean curd and eggs


I love to prepare this dish whenever i cooked premium soy sauce chicken, it can be taken as a meal by itself, or a side dish to compliment the soy sauce chicken.

Do you know that braising sauce actually taste at it’s best if you keep them overnight or better yet days? Yes, the flavour develops! That is why braised dishes in most restaurants and hawkers taste distinctively “yummy”. They would not discard their sauce, instead, daily, they add in new batch of sauce into it. Healthy or not, you be the judge.   I usually cook this dish a day or two after my premium soy sauce chicken.

You may refer my recipe for the sauce mixture to braise this dish.

To get eggs with runny yolk, you need to soft boil the eggs, and soak them into braising sauce and keep overnight inside fridge. On how to soft boiled eggs for a runny yolk, you may click below link to my recipe “japanese ramen egg”

Link @

But if you prefer hard boiled eggs, than you may simply braised eggs together with bean curd inside braising sauce.


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  • 1. Heat braising sauce in a deep pot, add in firm beancurd cubes, turn heat to low and simmer for 25 minutes. Make sure all beancurd pieces are immersed into sauce for even coloring and flavor absorbed.
  • 2. Cut eggs and arranged onto plate, serve with braised bean curd. Dressed finely chopped spring onion and crispy shallots on top.

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