Braised chicken feet with mushrooms




Braised chicken feet with mushrooms



Ingredients needed





Sear pork fat until you get the amount of oil needed. You may opt for other type of oil too


PicsArt_1415755971097Brown ginger , garlic, and star anise



Add mushrooms continue stir fry



Pour in 3 tbspn sauce mixture and let reduce



Add remaining sauce and chicken feet into pot, simmer for 1.5 hours



Serve hot




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  • 1. * If you prefer less rubbery and loose skin texture of chicken feet, may deep fry chicken feet until golden brown before braising. I skipped this. It taste better! Personal preference..
  • 2. Sear pork fat in deep pot over high heat, slowly you will see oil coming out from those pieces of fat. Discard once you got desired amount of oil enough to brown other ingredients.
  • 3. Brown garlic , ginger and star anise until fragrant.
  • 4. Add mushrooms and continue brown for 1 minute, pour in 3 tablespoon of sauce mixture , turn heat to low and let it reduce and absorb into mushroom
  • 5. Pour in the rest of sauce mixture and chicken feet. Turn to high heat and Bring to boil, then turn heat to low , cover pot, and let simmer for 1.5 hour. Check occasionally. Add in some water if required.

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