Chinese Vegetables

Abalone sauce with minced meat long beans

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Abalone sauce with minced meat long beans   Ingredients needed. Marinate meat for 5 minutes before cooking   Sear meat over medium heat for 30 seconds   Add long beans ...

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Stirfried crispy potatoes strips with abalone sauce

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Stir fried potatoes with abalone sauce   Ingredients needed. Presoak potatoes strips in salt water   Sear meat with olive oil   Add in minced garlic and let brown   ...

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Air fried tofu stuffed with minced meat

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  Air fried tofu stuffed with minced meat   Ingredients in this recipe   Make a cavity in centre of tofu, and used the tofu to mix into minced meat ...

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3 eggs spinach soup

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  3 eggs spinach soup   Ingredients in this recipe   Bring broth with spinach to boil, then add fried shallots, fried anchovies, century eggs and salted eggs. Let simmer ...

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Stir fried four heavenly king with sambal paste

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Four heavenly king with sambal paste   Ingredients in this recipe   Airfry all veges with 1 tbspn olive oil for 7 minutes at 200 degree celcius   Heat 1 ...

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Pan fried chinese omelette

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  Pan fried chinese omelette.   Ingredients for pan fried chinese omelette.   Brown onions and chinese sausage before Mixing all ingredients together.   Pan fry mixture, flip once browned. ...

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Braised firm bean curd and eggs

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  I love to prepare this dish whenever i cooked premium soy sauce chicken, it can be taken as a meal by itself, or a side dish to compliment the ...

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Stir fried baby spinach with fermented beancurd

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Well cooked baby spinach fully absorb the smooth paste of saltish sweet fermented bean curd. Each and every strand of soft spinach gives you a pleasant aroma from all the ...

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Stir fried french bean

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Give this chinese recipe a try to cook french beans. Paired with fresh prawns, potatoes and oyster sauce, this dish will surely brighten up your meals on Thanksgiving.

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