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Egg’s gravy, make it silky smooth each and every time!



Egg’s gravy is quite common in many chinese dishes, it tastes very good with stir fried noodles, certain type of greens, seafood and even soup.

I love it so much, I would lick it down to the last drop and whenever i cook, it’ll definitely be a flooded one! Or if i dine out, I’ll make sure the waiter have my “EXTRA GRAVY” request written down. 😛

Here’s a few in my recipe list which call for smooth streaky eggs gravy.


Baby bokchoy in smooth egg gravy



Stir fried seafood horfun ( flat rice noodles )




Chili Crab



Spinach with three eggs soup


To have a silky smooth and presentable egg gravy, you need to create thin streaks of egg white and yolk and this means, no clump. 🙂

Stirring in the eggs quickly but gently is one of the key, and it should be done away from direct heat. If you are a beginner, you may also reach best result by dripping in eggs down from a clean chopstick ( moving the chopstick in a swirling motion ).

Oh yah one more tips, it’s better to use eggs which aren’t just out from fridge, because after chilling, egg white tends to clump.

Do not vigorously stir or else the eggs would mix in too well that it disappear into the gravy! 🙂 Enjoy cooking.