Egg’s gravy, make it silky smooth each and every time!



Egg’s gravy is quite common in many chinese dishes, it tastes very good with stir fried noodles, certain type of greens, seafood and even soup.

I love it so much, I would lick it down to the last drop and whenever i cook, it’ll definitely be a flooded one! Or if i dine out, I’ll make sure the waiter have my “EXTRA GRAVY” request written down. 😛

Here’s a few in my recipe list which call for smooth streaky eggs gravy.


Baby bokchoy in smooth egg gravy



Stir fried seafood horfun ( flat rice noodles )




Chili Crab



Spinach with three eggs soup


To have a silky smooth and presentable egg gravy, you need to create thin streaks of egg white and yolk and this means, no clump. 🙂

Stirring in the eggs quickly but gently is one of the key, and it should be done away from direct heat. If you are a beginner, you may also reach best result by dripping in eggs down from a clean chopstick ( moving the chopstick in a swirling motion ).

Oh yah one more tips, it’s better to use eggs which aren’t just out from fridge, because after chilling, egg white tends to clump.

Do not vigorously stir or else the eggs would mix in too well that it disappear into the gravy! 🙂 Enjoy cooking.


Keep “braising sauce” for days, let it’s flavor develops.


I love to prepare this dish whenever i cooked premium soy sauce chicken, it can be taken as a meal by itself, or a side dish to compliment the soy sauce chicken.

Do you know that braising sauce actually taste at it’s best if you keep them overnight or better yet days? Yes, the flavour develops! That is why braised dishes in most restaurants and hawkers taste distinctively “yummy”. They would not discard their sauce, instead, daily, they add in new batch of sauce into it. Healthy or not, you be the judge. 😉  I usually cook this dish a day or two after my premium soy sauce chicken.

You may refer to my recipe for the sauce mixture to braise this dish.


To get eggs with runny yolk, you need to soft boil the eggs, and soak them into braising sauce and keep overnight inside fridge. On how to soft boiled eggs for a runny yolk, you may click below link to my recipe “japanese ramen egg”

Here’s the link @


But if you prefer hard boiled eggs, than you may simply braised eggs together with bean curd inside braising sauce.

Get recipe for braised firm bean curd and eggs @



See the wonders of soy sauce in creating all these delicacies? Long life soy sauce! 😛

Succulent hainanese chicken rice



Anyone who can cook will tell you how easy it is to prepare this dish. All you need is just a few fresh ingredients, pop poultry into broth and cook until it’s ready, RIGHT? But why some came out succulent and some don’t? What’s the secret?

This dish has become a comfort food to many, and they swear they can’t live without this tasty juicy chicken. ( me too! 😛 ) It is also common and easy to cook this dish yet most people just couldn’t seem to be able to serve a succulent chicken out from their kitchen.

“OK! so WHAT’s THE SECRET?” you asked.

Firstly, It’s the method. Not poaching, neither steam nor simmer. I SOAK these babies into hot broth (making sure it’s fully immersed) inside a covered deep pot.

Secondly, the timing. For how long? It depends. The size and also which part of chicken you use, help determines it. A chopstick test will be very helpful, if there’s “blood show” during the test, just bring it back to boil and turn to low heat and let simmer for 5 minutes.

Then, you will need the right size of deep pot to accommodate the sizes and amount of chicken you need to soak.

Next, if you are using drumsticks, take caution, DON’T ever make a small opening (cut)! I’m sure you’ve heard someone advising you to make a small cut near the joint of drum so that it’ll cook thoroughly and won’t come out bloody. But this will only make the meat tough. Cutting or slicing prior to soaking, causes juice to leak during cooking.

Other than above mentioned, some like their chicken with a jelly-like texture in between the skin and meat. To create that, you may give chicken an ice bath right after you lift them up from the broth. Then keep it in the fridge, for at least 30 minutes before meal time. I usually skip this step, ain’t used to eating cold chicken meat!

Last but not least, how to instill a distinct flavor into the poultry? Pair it with the right ingredient! Boiled cabbage, radish and red carrots, to name a few. I used these ingredients to soak in together with the chicken.

Finally, let the cooked chicken cools a little before chopping it into smaller pieces. You won’t want them to look like they were torn instead.

There you go, the secrets in my chamber have now leaked unconditionally! 😛 Happy Cooking!

For ingredients and detailed method in cooking this dish, you may refer to my recipe here


Pork Ribs in Herbal Soup (Claypot Bakuteh)


Once ,my girl friend told me, she made bakuteh out of cheater’s recipe (bakuteh sachet, ready pack herbs and spices). According to her, it doesn’t taste like one at all, even after following closely instructions at the back of pack. Hence she concluded, sachet bakuteh wouldn’t work.

After a while of fact finding, I realized she missed out few crucial steps! 😉 The browning process, the essential part in making that pot of bakuteh taste near to what you had out there.

Besides, It is also important to make sure, the ribs has been given enough time to simmer, reaching that soft and tender texture, lettuce and pacific clams not overcooked, and the beancurd sticks not too soft. Adding in lots of garlic cloves and some other herbs will boosts flavors in that sachet.

It really doesn’t matter what type brand of ready packed bakuteh you use, just follow these steps during cooking, and you’ll be able to enjoy this delicacy anytime at home.

Here’s link to the recipe and method of cooking. Try it out!

Get recipe :


Homemade crusty pizza. Crispy, Fresh and Easy!

Homemade crusty pizza.


Pizza is the best snacks ever with a good movie at home. Instead of calling and waiting for one, why not try make it, crispy hot out from your oven? (I use Philips Airfryer to bake it)


It’s so easy , deliciously crispy and the best? All your favourite ingredients as toppings! Oh, need I mention A MOUNTAIN OF CHEESE?

This snack is among the “must have” in my husband’ takeout’ list.

Look! Even my kid isn’t leaving any crumbs unturned!


Get recipe at


Mouth watering Remedy for cold hands or feet


Claypot Ginger Wine Chicken.

Today I woke with cold hands and feet, crosses my mind making this food work to warm up body. This particular dish reminded me of my first cooking lesson with granny.

Back in 20 years, she was taking care of my aunt Angie during confinement. I was there for few days to help around too (more like playing around and disturbing baby Philip).

The resources (ingredients) were scarce that portion is only meant for my aunt, but I’m blessed to get one spoonful taste and that, strikes my love at first bite for cooking.

Enough talking. Now dig in!

Get this recipe :